Is EASA a regulator?

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an agency of the European Union (EU) with responsibility for civil aviation safety. It carries out certification, regulation and standardisation and also performs investigation and monitoring.

How do I report to EASA?

Reports on suspected malpractices and irregularities should be submitted by completing the online Confidential Safety Reporting form. Please do not send the same or similar correspondence to any other EASA email addresses and please note that the size of documents attached should not exceed 10 MB.

Should I report directly to EASA?

Any organisation on a voluntary basis, any safety-related information deemed necessary to be brought to the awareness of the Agency. In addition, organisations should report to the Agency as their competent authority any event that has been assessed as representing a serious risk to the aircraft or its occupants.

What is mandatory reporting in aviation?

The objective of mandatory occurrence reporting is to prevent safety occurrences, such as accidents and incidents, not to attribute blame or liability if they happen.

Who regulates aviation in Europe?

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) | Federal Aviation Administration.

What does the EASA do?

The European Aviation Safety Agency is the centrepiece of the European Union’s strategy for aviation safety. Its mission is to promote the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. The Agency develops common safety and environmental rules at the European level.

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What is confidential reporting system?

A confidential incident reporting system is a mechanism which allows problems in safety-critical fields such as aviation and medicine to be reported in confidence. This allows events to be reported which otherwise might not be reported through fear of blame or reprisals against the reporter.

What is Eccairs?

​ECCAIRS (European Co-ordination centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems) is a PC application tool to assist SAM States in collecting, sharing, and analyzing their safety aviation information. ECCAIRS is a product developed by the „Joint Research Centre (JRC)“ of the „European Commission“.

What is the time limit for the reporting of hazardous occurrences to the competent authority?

Mandatory occurrences should be provided to the competent authority no later than 72 hours after becoming aware of the occurrence.

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What do you have to do if a reportable incident happens during a drone flight?

You need to report the incident to the FAA Regional Operations Center within 10 days if your drone accident: Results in serious injury to any person, Causes any person to lose consciousness, or. Causes damage to property (other than your drone) exceeding $500.

What is mandatory reporting system?

A health event reporting system run by a state department of health which requires hospitals to report serious accidents and threats to patient safety.

What are examples of occurrence reporting?

Examples of occurrence types include but are not limited to: ANY suicide/suicide attempt (including within 72 hrs. of discharge). Poisonings within any setting, including the home.

When must a ground safety report be completed?

When should I report an event? If you think a safety event is particularly hazardous, the CAA expects to be advised of the essential details as soon as possible. This should be followed up within 72 hours by a written report in the usual way.

What is the difference between FAA and EASA?

FAA and EASA are two different organizations responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of aviation within different countries. The difference between them is that FAA is responsible for the US and EASA is responsible for all countries in Europe.

What is EASA regulation?

The main objective of the Basic Regulation is to “establish and maintain a high uniform level of civil aviation safety in the Union” — Article 1(1). The Basic Regulation sets the legal basis for the creation of EASA, defines EASA’s competences and establishes the scope of common aviation safety requirements.

What are EASA standards?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) publishes safety and environmental standards for civil aviation. These documents certify products and create a European regulatory framework. EASA standards enable you to: Ensure safety and product reliability.

What is the role of EASA in aviation?

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is responsible for ensuring safety and environmental protection in air transport in Europe.

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What does EASA cover?

EASA also has a standardization and oversight function for all aviation safety certification activities of Member States. EASA also has responsibilities in the areas of operations, personnel licensing, aerodromes, air traffic management and air navigation services.

What is a confidential safety reporting system in aviation SMS?

A confidential safety reporting system is a set of tools, people and processes used in an aviation safety management system (SMS) to allow aviation service providers‘ stakeholders to securely report safety issues to the aviation SMS‘ risk management team.

What is open reporting?

What is an “Open Reporting Environment”? It is a business culture where employees feel comfortable and are willing to (and in fact do) raise any and all integrity concerns. Employees willingness to raise concerns is an important measure for a positive open culture … 3.

Why is anonymous reporting important?

The Need for Anonymous Reporting Ultimately, anonymous reporting helps establish a culture of communication, trust, and psychological safety, since employees know they are protected and supported throughout the reporting process.

What Eccairs 2?

ECCAIRS 2 is a digital platform established to assist aviation stakeholders in collecting, sharing, and analyzing their safety aviation information. ECCAIRS stands for the European Coordination Centre for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems.

What Organisation is CAA part of?

CAA is a public corporation of the Department for Transport.

What does Mor stand for in aviation?

Guidance on mandatory occurrence reports (MORs) and voluntary occurrence reports (VORs) – CAP382.

What type of accidents need to be reported?

accidents resulting in the death of any person. accidents resulting in specified injuries to workers. non-fatal accidents requiring hospital treatment to non-workers. dangerous occurrences.

What is a reportable incident?

A reportable incident are unplanned events or situations that result in, or have the potential to result in injury, ill health, damage or loss. An incident report should be completed immediately after an incident has occurred and appropriate corrective action followed.

What are the 5 basic traits of effective safety reporting?

According to ICAO there are five basic traits which are connected to the effective safety reporting systems (Figure 1)….The basic attributes of effective safety reporting discussed are explained as follows:
  • Willingness. …
  • Information. …
  • Flexibility. …
  • Learning. …
  • Accountability.

Do aircraft incidents need to be reported?

If you are an operator in aviation, Federal regulations require you to notify the NTSB immediately of aviation accidents and certain incidents. See 49 CFR 830.

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What accidents and incidents are you required to report to the FAA?

Occurrences Requiring Notification. An aircraft accident or any of the following listed incidents occur: Flight control system malfunction or failure. Inability of any required flight crew member to perform their normal flight duties as a result of injury or illness.

How do you report a flight safety occurrence or hazard?

Where to File Reports. Pilots and/or flight crewmembers involved in NMAC occurrences are urged to report each incident immediately: By radio or telephone to the nearest FAA ATC facility or FSS. In writing, in lieu of the above, to the nearest Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

Where is the EASA headquarters?

Cologne, Germany

EASA’s headquarters is in Cologne, Germany. The Agency also has Representation Offices in Brussels, Washington, Montreal, Beijing and Singapore.

What do you have to do if a reportable incident happens during a drone flight?

You need to report the incident to the FAA Regional Operations Center within 10 days if your drone accident: Results in serious injury to any person, Causes any person to lose consciousness, or. Causes damage to property (other than your drone) exceeding $500.

What is safety reporting system?

SRS. • Is a web-based incident reporting and management system. • Easy to submit, refine, analyze and communicate incident. information. • Any health care provider can use it to report.

What is an EASA Licence?

EASA Pilot Licence EASA is a rulemaking EC body which has taken over responsibility for Airworthiness Directives, aircraft Certification Specifications and licensing standards from the National Authorities such as the UK CAA and the French DGAC.

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