What are the divisions of ground handling responsibilities?

What are Responsibilities of Airport Ground Handling Staff?
  • Unload/Load Freight and Baggage.
  • Monitor Safety of the Passengers.
  • Sort Freight and Baggage.
  • Service the Interiors of Aircraft.
  • Wash Exterior of Aircraft.
  • Repair Mechanical Faults in the Aircraft.

What are airport handling services?

ground handling services means the supply at an airport of the following services: airline representation, administration, and supervision; passenger handling; baggage handling; ramp services; catering; air cargo and mail handling; fueling of an aircraft, and aircraft servicing and cleaning; surface transport; flight …

What is the 5 major categories of ground handling services?

What exactly are the ground handling services? Refueling aircraft, towing aircraft, marshalling and parking, luggage handling, and so on.

What are handling services?

Handling Services means collectively, those services commonly known as “Ramp Services,” which include, Aircraft ground handling, interior and exterior Aircraft cleaning, baggage loading and unloading from Aircraft, those services commonly known as “cargo handling services”, the transportation of passengers to and from …

What are passenger handling services?

Ticketing. Providing airline representatives, responsible for handling ticket reservations, cancellations, alterations, and informing customers when a flight has been delayed or cancelled.

What are major airport ground handling services?

Ramp Services include:
  • Marshalling. …
  • Chocking and Connection/Disconnection of Ground Services. …
  • Baggage and Freight Handling. …
  • Aircraft Towing. …
  • Refuelling. …
  • Toilet and Water Servicing. …
  • Aircraft Cleaning. …
  • Catering.

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Who are the top 3 ground handlers globally?

Çelebi Ground Handling, Fraport AG, Swissport International AG, and Dnata are the leading players in the global market.

What are the three 3 areas of operations of IATA?

For better understanding the International Air Transportation Association has divided world into three areas namely TC1 as traffic conference area-1, TC2 as traffic conference area -2, TC3 as traffic conference area-3. Mainly these traffic conference areas are considered when the traffic routes are to be allotted.

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How do I start a ground handling business?

Business Plan details the following:
  1. Proposed services.
  2. List of facilities & ground support equipment.
  3. Key personnel (such as security and safety managers).
  4. A financial plan including estimated costs of setting up the company, etc.

What is a cargo handling operator?

June 28, 2015. – A A + Specific Duties and Responsibilities: • Moves/Place container from/to truck’s chassis, based on instructions and documents from Operations while observing highest form of safety for himself, for people in his environment and for the equipment used.

What is cargo handling system?

Cargo Handling System is a training environment for the following subjects: Cargo flow management, analysis and optimization with Conveyors, SCADA and PLC control. Technical Maintenance of cargo handling systems including mechanical subsystems, control environments, bus-systems, electric drive systems pneumatics.

What is airport ramp service?

Ramp handling services ensure the efficient turnaround of aircraft so that flights stay on schedule. This course offers an introduction to ramp services as well as the ground handling standards and safety requirements you need to know to work safely on the ramp.

What is passenger services in aviation?

We provide various services including airline tickets sales, check-in services, the provision of information at the boarding gate for departing flights, meeting passengers at the gate for arriving flights, checked baggage return, and the handling of various other inquiries.

What qualifications do you need to be a passenger service agent?

You’ll need:
  • customer service skills.
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • the ability to work well with others.
  • sensitivity and understanding.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.

How important is passenger handling for the airport?

Passenger Movement The flow of passengers is critical to the success of an airport. This flow interconnects with other points in airport operational efficiency and management, such as realising capacity, improving check in processes, and developing hold baggage systems.

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What are ground handling companies?

Ground Handling Company means anyone that carries out the variety of activities before and after a flight to ensure the safe and smooth process of passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and other materials associated with their transportation by air.

What is standard ground handling agreement?

Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) is the model for handling contract created by IATA (International Air Transport Association). This type of contract is used typically to regulate services provided by ground companies to vectors.

What is aircraft ground operation and servicing?

Ground Operations involves all aspects of aircraft handling at airports as well as aircraft movement around the aerodrome, except on active runways.

Which is the biggest ground handling company in the world?


Swissport is the world’s largest provider of cargo and aircraft ground handling in the aviation industry. The company provides services on behalf of some 835 client-companies and handles around 230 million passengers and 3.9 million flights (movements) per year.

Which are the ground handling companies in India?

Companies Covered: (AIATSL), Air India SATS Ltd., Bird Worldwide Flight Services, Celebi Nas Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd., Bhadra International Pvt. Ltd., Indo-thai Airport Management Services, Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Pvt.

What is TC1 TC2 TC3?

IATA has divided world into three areas: TC1, TC2, TC3. Note: Ural Mountain of Russia and Tehran in Middle East divides TC2 with TC3. Tc1 is Known as Western Hemisphere. TC2 and TC3 are together known as Eastern Hemisphere.

What are the IATA zones?

IATA by Region
  • Africa & Middle East (AME)
  • Europe.
  • North Asia.
  • Asia Pacific.
  • The Americas.

Is IATA a code?

The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Location Identifier is a unique 3-letter code (also commonly known as IATA code) used in aviation and also in logistics to identify an airport.

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Why is ground handling important?

Ground handling makes it possible for flights to land and take off on time, ensures that all boarding cards are issued correctly and that your bags are security checked and then loaded on to the right aircraft.

Which airlines do Dnata handle?

Services. dnata UK specialises in ground and cargo handling at London Gatwick, London Heathrow (terminals 2, 3 and 4) and Manchester Airports. Its clients include Air India, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

How can ground handling be improved?

Top 3 ways to improve Ground Handling services
  1. Turnover speed. It is not a secret that airlines earn the most when aircraft are spending as much time in the air as possible. …
  2. Check-in quality. …
  3. FOD? …
  4. Put it all together.

What are top 3 skills for airport ground staff?

Three skills, however, which are vital for almost all airport ground staff, and are fully transferable to other industries, are as follows.
  • Planning and organisation. An airport is run to precise and time-sensitive schedules. …
  • Soft skills. …
  • Communication.

What do you mean by baggage handling?

Baggage handling is the process of transporting passenger luggage from a check-in counter at a departure airport, onto a plane cargo hold and then to a collection point at an arrival airport. A baggage handling system (BHS) is made up of a number of different processes and checks.

How important is passenger handling for the airport?

Passenger Movement The flow of passengers is critical to the success of an airport. This flow interconnects with other points in airport operational efficiency and management, such as realising capacity, improving check in processes, and developing hold baggage systems.

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